So called clear out


Player Valuation: £8m
You wouldnt think so. Fella only did stats at the end of the day.
What i would like to think is happening is thelwell has looked at started showing people the door. Wether it be cost cutting. But with unsworth going i tend to think it isnt.
Something brands never did. Lots of opinions on brands it seems. I can only look out how unbalanced the squad was under him. Even if people go down the road moshri was making decisions he still sat and took the money for 3 years. The argument who wouldnt then doesnt change what was the point of him. Actualy makes it worse.
Blame game is pointless now anyway. Id rather just see things being attempted to put right. One being the academy started to provide the first team more. Surely its only function.
Hope that's what it is - not firing people for the sake of it but having a plan and actioning it.
if i am being honest in order for there to be a proper clear out the following players need to go

Mina - wages do not justify his limited appearances and awful injury record, plus 1 year on contract so a sale should be sought ASAP

Gomes - wages do not justify his ability

Allan - wages do not justify his ability

Doucoure - wages do not justify his ability

Gbamin - wages do not justify his ability


Player Valuation: £500k
So who has left; serious question...

Richarlison (Sold)

Is that it?
Yes I fear that will be all. The clear out will not happen because no club wants to sign the players that we are desperate for them to sign. Lets not delude ourselves. We didn't nearly get relegated by having a team full of top players. NB Sigurdsson don't count as a leaver. He was never gonna play for us again.


Player Valuation: £25m
Our clear out so far has been akin to having a garage full of chite you're desperate to get rid of, but being tempted into selling a priceless watch passed down 15 generations of your family because you're absolutely brassic.
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