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Player Valuation: £20m
Ya agree. He jogged over as the ball rolled out of play instead of sprinting and putting Watford under pressure.
I hate that. I look at liverpool and its 100 % every ball. Nothing to do with ability. Just desire
Can't stand the cart, it's no wonder Leverkusen wanted bringt nothing to do with him, while Leicester were happier to hold onto the likes of Marc Albrighton over him too.


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Yeah, same, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the eleven the finished the half started the next. But we need to be a bit higher up the pitch and have an extra body in midfield, it's clear to me that the manager doesn't trust the players for the full 90 minutes but is hoping to smash and grab.
Agree, which is a bit pathetic. If ever there’s an away game we can try to win it’s surely an injury ravaged, relegated Watford. It’s there for us, earth to Frank, earth to Frank - seize it!

II McColl II

Player Valuation: £6m
What's happened to the Gray that made smart runs off the ball earlier in the season to threaten behind the defence and got some goals, now he just comes short everytime, runs in to a dead end and loses the ball.
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