2021/22 Abdoulaye Doucouré


He was mindbogglingly bad with the ball last night, and in some moments off the ball

However i havent seen him this season apart from what he has played under Lampard

If that is his norm id say sell, but i remember him being decent under Carlo. He looked a bit wound up last night,maybe hes just struggled with injuries and the stress of the situation?


Player Valuation: £60m
Id have him with a broken metatarsal over Allan, Gomes or Delph.
In a list of players i want shot of he's about 10th down the line.
That being said we should be looking at bringing in better quality.
The only time this team does well is when the manager concedes midfield, despite Doucoure and two of the three you mentioned costing more than £20m (and even Delph is on big wages).

I'm hoping to see the back of every single centre midfielder at the club. I just happen to dislike Doucoure the most.
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