2021/22 Andros Townsend

Didnt realise that was his 7th goal of the Season.

Not bad contribution from a free transfer. Solid season, solid player.
Mad innit, I reckon most of us have always considered him a bit plop in the past, well maybe not plop, but nobody could have seen the season hes having so far, 1.5m for Gray and Townsend, its good when we do something right as a club.

Blue Roo

Player Valuation: £10m
The lad has got a shot in him and can put in a great cross, but he seems to go missing sometimes. Definitely a great option off the bench though for last 20 minutes
when doe he go missing? like Iwobi missing or because he doesn't look as sultry as Gomes in the spotlight

he does a good job tieing up the left sided opposition every game he's play in, nothing much gets down his side easily very often, that's a very hand winger to have in the squad, oh yeah, and 7 goals.
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