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Yeah was mad. The ref's are now instructed for it only to be pens if it's judged actually enough contact to make a player go down. But that's a clear foul and Richarlison only went down to draw attention to it. It should have been given.
His reputation precedes him. He got booked for diving once already. Another player might have got the benefit of the doubt.

I love his intensity when he's on but if Richy was on another team we'd all hate his guts


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Yes praise is allowed. But so is pointing out that the club has a habit of allowing the squad to return to god awful rubbish football (See Martinez, Silva, Ancelotti). The true test of Benitez (as it was of Ancelotti) is whether he can break that cycle. Thats not a controversial notion.
I understand your point , and agree to an extent. The difference is that this time he is doing it with extremely limited incoming transfer funds. Bit like Moyesy did in the past.


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Great to see players actually running forward. We played some good football at times, and looked reasonably solid behind that. Keep up the hard work and we can do much better than I’d thought we would. Credit to Rafael and the players, even Iwobi now showing good signs. And Gray is the best value for £ anybody will sign this season. Rico had a bit of a sulk over not getting the pen, but a lot of what he did today was impressive. Others are now sharing his hard work ethic and we are much better for it. Keep it up and improve! COYB!


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Very accomplished performance today, tactics were spot on and the players for the most part remained very disciplined around their roles, Benitez is slowly winning me over and is clearly commanding a certain level of respect from the squad in terms of attitude and effort, just a shame Richarlison slightly marred what was a very solid win away from home against an over-hyped team

Clear pen for me on Richy though..

Blue Roo

Player Valuation: £10m
Good start.
Think the key up front is, will Richarlison learn to play with DCL.
Of the two he's the most adaptive skill wise and must recognise it for what it is
If Richarlison can learn to play in the space through the middle, the team gets a massive upgrade on Siguurdson.
Needs to take the envy he mustt have of Gray at the moment and channel it into goals of his own making, its what he does best
has to get over the sulk of service to Dom though.


I'll take down dat coal powered MG, I tel u Hwat
Like to nock it about do ye. Like the footy world patting you on the head do ye? Well we'll watch you do that and then get it of you and play some actual football and attack you. Bang bang.

We are Benitez' Blue Sheits

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