2021/22 Demarai Gray


Player Valuation: £20m
Think he's been pretty poo since Christmas but you cannot deny the impact he had in the first half of the season and that he made a massive contribution in the Palace game. If that's Gordon over the free kick then we're not winning the game. All in all, for the knockdown price, he's been a great diving signing and can be a useful squad player next season.


He has shown enough this season, given our troubles. Just about. I think the issue is relying on him as a starter. We need more options really, to rotate when players are out of form and to inspire a bit of improvement in players via competition.

I'm not convinced Gray will suddenly become Ronaldo but he undoubtedly has quality.


Player Valuation: £6m
A competent midfield will do him wonders, players that can pass and put him in a foot race onto balls against or behind the fullbacks will peg other sides in. Instead of inviting sides onto us. We'll see a lot more of our attackers when they're in the attacking half. It'll also be a great help to both flanks when they have a fit DCL to aim at/for. Joined up football, looking for the space. Owning the center of the field is like commanding the center of the boxing ring, unless its a rope-a-dope 'game', you're commanding the bout, dictating the play.
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