Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £25m
I mean, if the plan was to sell Gordon and use the money to buy a quality striker and a quality left winger (say Broja and Terrier), then I guess Januzac as an extra option for the right side kind of works- you don't want to dilute the quality of the two main signings by having to spread the money too thinly. He doesn't raise the level on his own but it's a signing that could serve some purpose.
I think this is very depressing personally. We are struggling to negotiate with our tiny transfer budget and have had to settle for more low hanging fruit

John O'Kane

Player Valuation: Free Transfer
Who is Januzaj’s agent? Smells like one of those transfers when you have to take one player in order to have access to another…


Player Valuation: £150m
That the board are still here is a travesty. No need to wait to judge until end of window, they’ve done enough to ruin Everton in the past few years and only the fans digging them out prevented a catastrophic relegation.

There'll be a massive negative net spend here this summer. The cash off Richarlison + Gordon is likely to be well over £100M (maybe a fee for others too like Begovic) and I cant see Everton spending £60M of it.

Moshiri must think that the Benitez thing last season was largely responsible for the relegation nightmare and that having a popular manager in and a few new faces the club will keep in the PL with ease. That's going to be severely tested even if we do get a halfways decent striker in.
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