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Your Everton MOTM vs Brentford

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Player Valuation: £60m
I think we are relying on Brentford to get something from Leeds....

If Leeds win we are down, I don`t think we are getting 2 points from palace and Arsenal.
Palace is a cup final for us, in ten cup until Townsend got injured we were battering them, we have to come at them like that on Thursday, we can’t rely on the others to lose, they may not win another game but we can’t count on that. I saw palace as our buffer game if all went wrong today, it did so we do atleast have another chance. I did fear for us today when I saw Gomes in ten starting line up.


Player Valuation: £60m
As regards the Penalty incident, if Everton get giving a penalty against us... I'm bloody raging. Can't get penalty's for that, I know we are desperate but never ever ever a pen in my eyes.

Brainthwaite just got caught wrong side. As for Thomas Frank's tactical changes, bloody brilliant management.
The pen Spurs got today was softer


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Still baffles by our first sending off and Braithwaite's thinking, saw it with Creswell for West Ham twice so it can't just be experience, just let the player through if he scores then we go again. baffles my head completely.

We can definitely beat Palace but the players will need belief back.

Will Mina be back in time?
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