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From what I could make out he does touch it, but Richarlison touched it on first and was tripped by Lloris.

The current rule states that it doesn't matter if you get anything on the ball if you go through the player first which Lloris did.

Shocking overturn from the ref.
Bit baffled what some others have seen to be so certain it was wasn’t a foul tbh.
What you described is how it looked on my crap stream.

Papa Shango

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Allan was absolutely seething since the penalty got VARd and I wonder if he was taken off as he’s the last player we can afford to have suspended right now with Doucoure injured.
That or so he doesn't get injured. It cant have been tactical.

Just how bad is Gbamin though if Holgate is the replacement? Not even a dig at Holgate but its Gbamin's preferred role.

J'aime Les Bleus

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We could do with someone taking more risks in the box. Digne put a fantastic first time ball in today and everybody just looked at it fizz across the six yard box. Make the run, whats the worst that can happen?
This is what happens when you have NO strikers, though. Richy's not, bless him, Rondon's not, sod him, and DCL ain't back for however long. Is there another team in the league that so often plays without an out-and-out striker? That aren't as bad as us in midfield.


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We can beat brentford away, their wheels are starting to fall off. As for the other matches, we might get a draw somewhere and against the RS, who knows in a derby? As long as the players display that type of grit, we'll get something from those matches.


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Of course although I would still love him for the gift of R.I.Perrin alone.

Reggie was great but Rigsby just does it for me.

"Oooh Miss Jones".

My favourite is when Philip persuades him that the smoke from lighting a piece of love tree wood from his home country would make him irresistible to Miss J.

Absolutely hilarious. Of course the wood is in fact a piece of Rigsby's dilapidated wardrobe.

Meanwhile, on message, happy with improved effort today. I ambeyond anger or being sickened at crap referees.

Clive Thomas still makes me want to vomit 🤢.

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