2022/23 Tom Davies

Dame Judi Dench

Player Valuation: £750k
Wow what a player. They'll probably offer him a contract extension now. He's one of the luckiest people on Merseyside is Tom. Should have been binned off years ago. His standard is so low now that when he has an average to decent game, lids on here start going miles over the top about how he's such a vital asset to keep hold of. He's poo, and players like him are ten a penny, just like McNeil and, to a lesser extent, Gray.
I agree McNeil is a Championship player but Davies isn’t “poo” at all.


Player Valuation: £100m
…the ‘Tunnel Access’ video was a bit of an eye-opener for me where Davies is concerned. We all know the prankster with the dapper clothes but from the moment he steps off that bus he has his game face on. He was serious about his job.

In his own company on the pitch pre-match, oblivious to fans calling him as he went down the tunnel. This was a professional footballer focused on the challenge ahead. Gutted when he was withdrawn but still had the presence for a genuinely warmly exchange with Gueye replacing him.

The footage of him after the Palace game showed how much the club means to him but I now expect he’s going to slip down the pecking order considerably. Not sure we’ll see much more of him in the PL, perhaps he’ll start at Bournemouth.


Player Valuation: £25m
He's definitely good enough to be in the squad, but ideally, he needs to be a match-saver or match-winner at times. If not, there's always room for an osman, hibbert - type squad player. It's a dilemma that he needs good management, one position and a run of games to really improve, and we can't really afford that, but now might be his chance. (Osman was much better to be fair, but there's still time)
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