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I was watching the highlights last night and at the end, the interview of RM which was on the pitch had me looking at GP.

I thought to myself the memories I have of this place going back to 60/61 which was when I started are just out of this world. I can recall games where the attendance was massive of course this was before all the crummy must sit down biz. But bieng in crowds of 50/60 thou or more and chanting Everton repeatedly still lingers in my mind. Funnily I never heard anything like that in the highlights last night, what the heck has happened with the fans.

Anyway back to GP, The Old Lady, I was struck that I do not want to see our club move from this age old location. The fans are so close to the pitch which makes for an incredible atmosphere unlike many grounds when fans are bit away from the action and roofs more open. I felt that ways must be found to modernise GP but keep the character of home. When I see pictures or vids of GP it makes me swell up with pride, the ground to me is awesome. I understand that mangers of the other clubs never quite keen to come because of the very nature of GP which I have related to above.

We have to stay, no two ways about it rather than some sterile place at WHP etc. Why not put another layer on the Park End, Take the Bullens Road roof off and create another layer and reroof without posts.
I am sure there are no such things as problems only solutions.

I do not know how other folk feel about GP, but this is it for me. STAY!


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I love it too. It's part of why Everton is so great. I used to love the unique circular bits behind the goal too. I think though, if a new stadium is done well it can still have atmosphere and character.
I went to the Amex - (Brighton) a while back (free tickets!!)
It's not so bad - the roof is kind of like a seagull - there was a bit of atmosphere too, I thought.

The Cowboy

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I'm convinced that a cantilevered roof for the other stands is possible. Would at least eliminate that long standing bugbear.

Re capacity: is there enough evidence to suggest we need more capacity? Gate receipts are a minor part of our income compared to TV money, so it's not like we need extra seats to survive. I would hate to see us add 10k extra seats only for them not to be occupied. What is demand for season tickets like?


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Given the choice think most would want to stay and redevelope. Up to future owners and whether they have the vision or money to make it happen

Brendan Janus

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I love Goodison, would hate to leave, but I believe we have to !

I sat in the corner off the Upper Gwladys/Bullens recently, one row from the back, the view was shocking as was the atmosphere in there !!

Nobby Nobbs

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Brilliant post mate the day we leave GP will break my heart, it's not only the memories it holds but I actually think it's a beautiful looking stadium if we could replace the park end with something resembling the rest of the ground and some modifications to the St end and bullens Rd stand it would be great,


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...I think this debate has been had and it is very emotive. I love the old ground, it looks great on telly but I think we need to move for a number of reasons.

Maybe mate but I felt I had to express my love for the Old Lady.

Whenever I see it, it still brings a lump to my throat.


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I agree. we should stay.

Too many clubs have been falling over themselves to go to a shiny, soulless new stadium when it's really not necessary

We've already lost emotive old names like Highbury, Maine Road, the Baseball Ground - and even grounds like the Bescott Stadium, the Victoria Ground, Highfield Road, Filbert Street, Leeds Road and Springfield Park which I have such fond memories of. Upton Park and White Hart Lane are set to go the same way.

It's time to draw a line in the sand and say that tradition counts for SOMETHING. Otherwise we might as well just abandon all pretence of anything other than cold hard cash in the once-beautiful game...


Player Valuation: £70m
Maybe mate but I felt I had to express my love for the Old Lady.

Whenever I see it, it still brings a lump to my throat.

.....I think that's great. I can't remember my first game but suspect it was 1962 so I know exactly where you are coming from. Lots of families will have loved ones ashes scattered on the old ground and it was touching to see the floral tributes around the pitch at the Stoke game.

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