2021/22 Jean-Philippe Gbamin


Player Valuation: £20m
I wonder who he'll be loaned out to next season? Do other clubs in this division constantly have 20/30m players who they are loaning out year after year before releasing on free transfers?

Really appears to just be an Everton thing: 27m Bolasie, 28m Tosun, 25m Gbamin, 13m Niasse, 20m Walcott.

20m Schneiderlin was sold at a 90% loss, whereas Sigurdsson will be a 45m investment released next month who has cost us an additional 25m in wages.

Kevin Thelwell really needs to avoid these mistakes and get it right for us, finally.

Our wage bill will surely be the lowest it's been in years once the handful of out of contract players leave us next month (on top of what we saved on Digne and James), so surely he has plenty of room to be creative in refreshing and improving the squad.
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