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That was all on the players. So defensively inept, panicking and missing the ball, not taking responsibility when any one of 3 could have dealt with it, and was that the same Josh King who was dire for us last year?

100% not on the players! Manager made some epic mistakes. Taking off Gordon our best attacking player on the night? Taking off gray and replacing with iwobi who doesn't bring anything to attack or defence? This loss is down to our manager messing with a tram that was winning


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I've got to the stage where I just don't care anymore. How many times have we heard Seamus and (insert manager here) saying after a bad result, 'that performance was unacceptable at this club....blah blah blah blah.'

Well, these performances are obviously acceptable at the club as nothing ever changes after we have them. Unless something changes drastically, we will continue to have lots of these [email protected] results, and WILL get relegated sooner rather than later.


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100% not on the players! Manager made some epic mistakes. Taking off Gordon our best attacking player on the night? Taking off gray and replacing with iwobi who doesn't bring anything to attack or defence? This loss is down to our manager messing with a tram that was winning
We didn’t deserve to be winning. This is the same collection of garbage that have been completely outplayed by ordinary opposition for years at Goodison. Players who can’t control a ball, let alone control a game. Making the same mistakes as they did under Ancelotti, Silva, Allardyce and Koeman.

Bristol Blue

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Something that struck me at the time when watching on tv, was the the body language of some of the players on the tunnel camera before the game started. Tom looked like he’d just rolled out of bed, and I just thought none of them looked pumped up for the game.

And also how knackered Rondon looked jogging onto the pitch before kick off.

Mr PEN86

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Godfrey bringing back that Norwich form I see 😤 I think they should stick him LB to replace Digne who's been awful this season. Mina is who brings security to Keane x Godfrey. They're lost playing together. Might even be worth throwing Branthwaite or Holgate back. All I know is something needs to change. We certainly can't be this bad Vs Wolves. Playing away might actually be a good thing. Off to forget this horror show. In a week Toffees.

Gareth Gibson

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All this talk of relegation is absurd. We’ll recapture our consistency once Richarlison and DCL are both back in the team. Had the RS suffered the injury woes that we have suffered this season they’d be no where near the top 6.

Huge game, this one. Consecutive home losses would be very damaging psychologically. We as fans must be the 12th man. No sitting there quietly like they do at the pit. We must be vociferous in our support of our players and we must shout for every decision.
Well, the match has happened and we’ve now had those consecutive home defeats that you feared.

I’m sorry but if we can’t win against average opposition at home, with all the fans behind us, then we’re in trouble.

Teams that lose at home tend to go down.


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Hopefully a watershed moment but I doubt it. Been here before and I imagine come the next game the same sorry crew will take to the pitch.


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I'm going to stop watching the team and just check the scores now, Every time it puts me in a foul mood and I'm just sick of it putting a downer on my weekend because we employ a group of cowards who can't even put the minimal effort in, I don't expect us to win every game I do expect us to fight tooth and nail.

I don't feel happy watching us anymore, I just get angry and annoyed, all over what? A sports game that I have no control of. I love this club and supporting it but I don't see the point in watching it when it puts me in a crap mood. The club is just rotten all the way through and needs a massive cleansing and who knows how long that will take.
I guarantee you 99% of us said King would score today and look what happens, We're just a miserable club.


GOT spiritual advisor
John 16:33
I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

I bet John didn't say that after getting thumped at home to bleeding Watford.
God bless.

Steve Wigan

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Compare the defensive system with last season at set pieces.

Look at the subs.

See who stayed on the pitch

Note that no formation changes happened from us to counter Ranieri.

Benitez was shocking today.
Any good youth player needs 'nurturing' like Foden at City and a few others who are now coming good. Its no good chucking them in a the deep end simply because there is 'no one else' We had at least six players today with international experience but we have literally no back up if any of our senior players are injured. A Premier League club should not have to field two reserve goalkeepers to make up the subs bench. Even Pep would struggle to get much of a tune out of Everton at present. Digne is a world cup international for one of the top international teams in the world, but has been abysmal for Everton this season(post Euro blues...its happened to players before? ) But all that aside, the buck I think, should not stop at Benitez, but most certainly should stop at Brands. The only reason we have Rondon, for example, is because Brands had not addressed the back up striker situation a long time before Benitez arrived. Similarly the right back position, were Coleman should have had serious competition for at least the last three years.. Godfrey was from relegated Norwich and has the ability and know how of an average Championship player. There should be no room for managers to sign their 'mates'(Carlo with James and to a lesser extent Rafael with Rondon, although that was forced in the last minute because Brands had not done his job properly). Its pretty certain that Rafael spotted the availability of Gray and Townsend, I doubt it was Brands. So basically, a lot of Evertons problems must be laid at the feet of Mr. Brands.

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