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I only one need one. He's the manager now and we need consistency.

Panic now, sack and bring in a randomer and you'll all be calling for his head by Jan 22.

You'll all deny it but it's a fact.
Genuine question to all his supporters.
How much lower do we have to fall before you start calling for his head?
@ForeverBlue92 you don't have to answer this, as you said previously you'd be happy with relegation.


Player Valuation: £40m


Player Valuation: £70m
He'll not be going anywhere without concerted efforts from the fans to force him out. Moshiri is a fool and has backed this man fully. He won't have any intention on making a change. I personally don't think he cares about the football side of the business anymore. He is taking the club to relegation by persisting with this manager over the longer term.
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